A Guide on How to Use This Website

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1. Using the Computer Mouse to Find More Information[top]

Move your computer “mouse” until the pointer on the screen is on the item you want to learn more about, such as “Pills to avoid.” Then, with your pointer finger, very quickly press the top left button of the mouse once. This process is called “clicking” and should take you to the information you are interested in.

2. How to Move the Page Up or Down Using the Scroll Bar[top]

Move your computer mouse until the pointer is on the scroll bar. Then, with your pointer finger, press the top left button of the mouse and hold while moving the mouse up or down to “drag” the scroll bar on the far right of your computer screen and move the page up or down. On some pages, there is an extra scroll bar that’s inside the Safe Kidney Care website. On these pages, you can scroll each bar to adjust the page up or down. You can also move a page back and forth by dragging the scroll bar at the bottom of the page. If your mouse has a wheel in the center, like the mouse pictured above, you can roll the wheel up or down to move the page.

3. How to Make Your Way Around This Website[top]

Clicking on the tabs on the side panel and at the top of the page takes you to nearly every page on the website and these tabs appear on every page so you can go back and forth as you please.

On the “Home” page, you can click on any of the rounded square picture buttons, such as “Pills to avoid” or the clipboard or the calculator to view information related to that picture.

4. How to Find Additional or Other Educational Health Information[top]

Use your computer mouse to click on the “More Kidney Links” tab in the upper right hand corner of the web page. The “More Kidney Links” page lists several websites that are credible and educational. Click on any one of the pictures to go to those websites.

5. How to Find Additional Information on the Topic You Just Read About[top]

Throughout the website, you will find hyperlinks to more information. These hyperlinks appear as underlined, blue or purple words, such as “Click here.” Move your mouse until the pointer is over the blue word(s). Then, with your pointer finger, very quickly press and release the top left button of the mouse once. This should take you to another place on the same page, to another page on the Safe Kidney Care website, or to a new website.

6. How to Get Back to the “Home” Page if You Become Lost[top]

If you get lost, go back to the “Home” page by clicking on the Home tab or on the Safe Kidney Care logo.

You can also use the back button, located at the upper left corner of the page, to get back to previous pages.

7. How to Send Us a Comment about This Website[top]

We welcome any suggestions you have for improving this website. If you would like to send us a comment, scroll to the bottom of any page, click on “Contact Us,” type in your comment and click on submit. Please do not send any private information. Thank you.

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